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Chad's Proscapes, LLC


Irrigation Installation and Repairs



Save time, save water, and get a healthier and more beautiful lawn. The irrigation professionals at Proscapes Landscaping will help you design the ideal irrigation or sprinkler system for your plants, your lawn’s layout, and your schedule.

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Whether you have a simple lawn and need an affordable sprinkler system that saves time and water or if you are an avid gardener with dozens of plant and tree varieties requiring multiple watering zones, our irrigation professionals will work with you to create just the right system for your needs.

Commercial Irrigation System

A properly designed commercial irrigation system will produce a tangible return on investment in savings, labor reductions, and lengthened plant lives. Additionally, clients and visitors will appreciate your beautifully maintained lawns and landscaping and think more highly of your business. Systems are available for any commercial budget, labor capabilities, and terrain.


Sprinkler Repairs


Sprinkler systems can sometimes become damaged due to wear, time, or a playful troupe of children or pets. That's why Proscapes Landscaping offers a sprinkler repair and restoration service for when your sprinkler system is in need of maintenance. We are here to help get your sprinkler system running in tip-top shape by providing repair services such as sprinkler head replacements, valve locates, lake pump install and/or replacement, system diagnostic, controller programming.